Vintage style,
Retro-chic allure,
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Vintage Novel T-Shirts . . . and much more

Vintage style, retro-chic allure, yesteryear class—Vintage Novel T-Shirt. A brand born of the resurgent trend toward designs that hearken back to another era, Vintage Novel T-Shirts offers shirts and complementary accessories. Combining the elegance and classic style of a bygone period with decidedly contemporary sensibilities, we provide designs that appeal to those who appreciate quality, sustainability and matchless style.


Vintage Novel T-Shirts is a simple concept. We set out to offer the finest quality T-shirts and accessories with relaxed and elegant style. Drawing from the type of craftsmanship reminiscent of the past — hence, the “vintage” in our name — we combine it with the design style and lifestyle sensibilities of contemporary buyers. It’s a novel idea!

The result is our three product lines: Wine Snob, Yoga Life and i-cycle. Designed for those who enjoy an active life, each line occupies a unique niche in our Vintage Novel T-Shirts company. Whether it’s the upscale indulgence of savoring fine wine, the tranquility of yoga or the exhilaration of cycling, our individual lines have the commonalities of vintage quality, sustainability and transcendent style.



No mere aficionado of fine wine, you are a connoisseur. Indeed, you are a wine snob, and proud of it. That's why this line is for you!

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Yoga Life

Relaxed, organic, introspective — that's the yoga life. Designed with a sleek and simple style, Yoga Life embodies the unhurried, contemplative aesthetic that defines you far beyond the yoga studio.

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Melding the casual and comfy athletic wear cyclers want after the ride, with chic vintage stylings that offer relaxed panache, i-cycle appeals to the serious cycler and the weekend rider alike.

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At Vintage Novel T-shirts, excellence is our hallmark. From the highest quality T-shirts to superlative customer service, your satisfaction is our goal. Ensuring that our wholesale customers receive the best, we focus on the details that make all the difference.
Cutting-edge graphics and pure cotton fabrics are just the beginning of the fine details that comprise our T-shirts. It’s the weight of the fabric, the precision of the designs, the preshrinking of the cotton to ensure long-term fit that, together, form the details that separate all Vintage Novel T-shirts from the rest.
Moreover, we cater to your business needs as well, providing the quantities of product you need along with free shipping on all orders over $60 in the continental United States. More than the personal panache offered by our shirts, it’s the quality that will convince you to stock them.