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Yoga Life

Embracing the best of healthy, organic living, our Yoga Life brand exudes the relaxed lifestyle that is yoga. It’s sustainability meets serenity in all-natural T-shirts and other lifestyle products that extend far beyond the yoga studio.


Our Yoga Life brand is a California-based company with a healthy, sustainable and relaxed lifestyle at the forefront. Evoking the tranquility and simplicity that are the yoga life, our brand includes all-natural T-Shirts and hats as well as other everyday items, all of them epitomizing the yoga aesthetic. At Yoga Life, we understand that yoga is not simply what you do; it’s who you are.

As a division of Vintage Novel T-Shirts, Yoga Life is a decidedly contemporary concept with classic, “vintage” appeal. Reflecting a respect for both the mind and the body, our T-shirt designs embody a yoga lifestyle that extends beyond the yoga studio. It’s a relaxed style, simple, timeless and understatedly elegant. Indeed, that consummate blend of simplicity and classic chic was the genesis of Vintage Novel T-Shirts. Today, Vintage Novel T-Shirts is also the parent company of Wine Snob and i-cycle, each dedicated to providing time-honored shirt styles whose individual motifs meld seamlessly with chic vintage stylings.


At Yoga Life, as with each division of Vintage Novel T-shirts, excellence is our hallmark. From the highest quality T-shirts to superlative customer service, your satisfaction is our goal. Ensuring that our wholesale customers receive the best, we focus on the details that make all the difference.
Cutting-edge graphics and pure cotton fabrics are just the beginning of the fine details that comprise our T-shirts. It’s the weight of the fabric, the precision of the designs, the preshrinking of the cotton to ensure long-term fit that, together, form the details that separate Yoga Life and all other Vintage Novel T-shirts from the rest.
Moreover, we cater to your business needs as well, providing the quantities of product you need along with free shipping on all orders over $60 in the continental United States. More than the personal panache offered by our shirts, it’s the quality that will convince you to stock them.


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