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Wine Snob

As perusal of our Wine Snob line so clearly reveals, this brand beckons to the wine connoisseur. Symbolizing their appreciation of only the finest wine, the Wine Snob brand, and the name itself, bear the imprimatur of those proud to be so labeled. If this describes your clientele,
contact us for wholesale information.


Catering to the wine connoisseur, Wine Snob is a California-based company born of our own appreciation of fine wine and our desire to represent that appreciation in lifestyle items. Beginning with the highest-caliber T-shirts, we created a company whose upscale designs are embellished with our wine snob appellation. License plates, keychains and other stylish items are part of this line. The result is a company whose everyday products resonate with those of epicurean taste.

As a division of Vintage Novel T-Shirts, Wine Snob is a simple idea with “vintage” appeal. Yes, it’s a play on words! Yet it reflects not only the enjoyment of fine wine but a respect for the elements it embodies as well. In fact, it’s the blend of simplicity and vintage allure that became the genesis of Vintage Novel T-Shirts. Today, Vintage Novel T-Shirts is also the parent company of i-cycle and Yoga Life, each dedicated to providing classic shirts whose individual motifs meld seamlessly with chic vintage stylings.


At Wine Snob, like each division of Vintage Novel T-shirts, excellence is our hallmark. From the highest quality T-shirts to superlative customer service, your satisfaction is our goal. Ensuring that our wholesale customers receive the best, we focus on the details that make all the difference.
Cutting-edge graphics and pure cotton fabrics are just the beginning of the fine details that comprise our T-shirts. It’s the weight of the fabric, the precision of the designs, the preshrinking of the cotton to ensure long-term fit that, together, form the details that separate Wine Snob and all Vintage Novel T-shirts from the rest.
Moreover, we cater to your business needs as well, providing the quantities of product you need along with free shipping on all orders over $60 in the continental United States. More than the personal panache offered by our shirts, it’s the quality that will convince you to stock them.


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